Hellooooo out there…

I know, it’s been an age since y’all have heard from me. And SO much has happened, so much has changed and grown, and I have mountains to sort through as far as what I need to write here and what I want to keep as “book exclusive” , so to speak. If you’re reading this, you’ve stuck with me this long, and I know you’ll find what’s to come worth the wait. Hopefully in the next few months you’ll hear about…

  • A huge shift in my health and fitness mindset
  • Some milestones along my mental health journey
  • The continuation and completion of my Greatest Showman series
  • Boom reviews!

Like I mentioned above, I’m starting to look toward actually writing and publishing books, and while I have almost ten years of writing here, I am starting to think about not publishing everything I write here. I’m sure some-a lot!- of what I share here will make it into whatever I publish, but I don’t want my books to be a cut and paste of my blog posts either.

I’m setting an intention to write in some form 30 minutes or more a day, and publish here once or twice a week. If you don’t hear from me, please feel free to message me on social media and ask why not!

Just for cuteness, here’s a picture of Ladybug Girl playing Minecraft and not letting me nap last week…

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