Bluebirds, Buttermilk Biscuits, Bubble Butts, and Recovery Days

This week has been…unexpectedly impactful so far, and it’s not even halfway over.

First, I’m pretty sure a pair of bluebirds is nesting in my birdhouse, or will soon. I’ve seen them at least a few times a day the past few days-yesterday they stayed for over an hour around lunchtime, and almost as long earlier this morning. This makes me SO happy, because it will hopefully give me plenty of opportunities to look at these beautiful reminders of God’s love for me, and the joy he has for me, both right now, and in the future. Hopefully soon I’ll get some pictures I can share. Yesterday I was on the phone the whole time when I could’ve gotten some, so, whomp.

Next, a funny story. Monday afternoon it was snowing, and Scott came home early to finish his workday here and let me try to take a nap. Awhile after he got here, he texted me to ask if we had any baking soda because “Lexi and I are making Buttermilk biscuits.” I soon realized I wasn’t falling asleep, and went downstairs to join them. Guys, I really don’t eat anything with white flour if I can avoid it, with the exception of birthdays and other rare treats-and we just had Declan’s birthday cake. But on a cold day, Buttermilk Biscuits sounded amazing. At first I was just going to stick with the scheduled dinner (that was actually already made!) of Salsa Verde Chicken, in burritos for everyone else and a bowl for me. But then my dear darling husband said “Ooh, can we have gravy with these?” And it was all over. Insert all the angry, eye rolling, annoyed faces here. Biscuits and gravy for dinner on a snowy night.

Excuse the mess, we were sooo hungry we cleaned up after we ate!

At first I was really frustrated and self condemning, and defeated, then I looked at it more objectively. I stayed within my planned calories. It was one meal, which is how I try to keep my indulgences. And I truly enjoyed it. So tomorrow would be a new day and we’d have the chicken, and I wouldn’t have to cook. Sure, I like to be more intentional about indulging, but, life happens. I think situations like this often can leave folks defeated and ready to give up on a healthier lifestyle. I can definitely understand that. But I’m too hard headed, and I’ve been at this far too long for that. And it’s like Jillian says:

If you get a flat tire, you don’t go slash the other three.

I tell that story partly because it’s funny to me how I got whisked away on Scott’s flight of fancy, which most of the time, I don’t. He brings home donuts regularly and I don’t touch them, and I take at most a bite of the pancakes he makes every Saturday for the kids, instead waiting patiently for my omelet. I also share it to say “even I” “mess up.” Even someone who meticulously plans and preps and exercises like a bat outta hell can trip up. So, if you mess up, please don’t let it beat you. It’s just one meal, and not a statement of your ability to do this. You can do it! Find your reason, what drives you. Again, like Jillian Michaels says,

When you know your WHY, you can tolerate any HOW.

Another funny story: Sunday night I was scrolling Pinterest looking for recipes and other stuff, and Scott glanced over my shoulder and saw a post along the lines of “3 exercises to give you a bubble butt in a month”, and asked “so are you gonna get a bubble butt?” And I said “uhhh wasn’t really planning on it…” but then I started thinking, and…

Haha! I’m only half serious about this, because, A) I don’t really care, and neither does Scott, if I have a bubble butt enough to reaaaaaally focus on it, and B) I don’t know if it’s really even possible. So much of that is genetic. But I’ll have a little fun with it, all the same, and Scott will enjoy judging my progress. šŸ˜‰ All I’m really doing is adding one or two exercises to the end of my strength workouts twice a week, interspersed with some bicep moves because, guns. I’m also going to add a little six minute ab routine on the other two strength training days, because more core strength is always good.

Which, in a roundabout way, brings me to Recovery Days. Wednesday and Saturday are my Active Recovery days, at least theoretically. As I’ve ramped up my workouts over the past couple months, I’ve had to learn to really listen to my body, and that has meant taking full on rest days on Wednesdays each week, and Saturdays too, until the past three. Something is shifting, though, and my body must be starting to adjust, because not only did I only take a catnap yesterday (after weeks of almost daily 2-3 hour afternoon naps out of need), but I woke up this morning wanting to make this recovery day more active. So Ladybug girl and I rolled out our yoga mats and started our day with twenty minutes of Morning Yoga via Peloton. Okay, she only made it about five minutes, but it was a start. I’m planning to do another ten minutes of that followed by some full body stretching in a few minutes, and maybe some evening yoga with (or without) Scott later.

Ultimately, I’d like my active recovery days to look like this:


  • 60 minute walk or 30 minute Scenic Ride
  • 30-60 min of low intensity yoga


  • 30 minute Scenic Ride (eventually this will be a normal class, but that’s months off.)
  • 30+ min low intensity yoga

Sundays will always be a day off of training entirely, partly because I have enough on my plate with school and meal prep, I need not to add more, and because it really does help me balance rest with hard work.

If you don’t make recovery part of your fitness plan, I’d encourage you to do so. Letting your body rest and heal is so good for results and for overall balance. I’m

Sitting here at almost noon wrapped in a fuzzy shawl and drinking warm (decaf, stevia sweetened) coffee, dreaming of my nap, and I know my body will thank me for it.

I’m hoping to share with you soon my thoughts on a lot of the products and supplements in my self care regimen, and even ways you can save money if you want to try some of them. Till then,


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