Quick take-1/29/18

My big overarching goal for this year is to be free to enjoy the season I am in while God heals me and brings me to bloom again-not waiting until I’m blooming and strong to enjoy this beautiful life.

Thus far I envisioned that as really enjoying the beauty available right here in and near our home in the day to day as I wait for more healing and ability to venture out and adventure. The immediate action step I saw toward that was dialing in our morning routine so we have the rest of the day free to do what we want to. I still want to do that, but I’m realizing that on the days it doesn’t (most, right now, as we are just beginning again) there is still freedom! I’ve been trapped and held down by shame the past week or two because I’m tired and starting sluggishly and things aren’t getting done as early, but I don’t need to be! I can rest in what is, even while keeping the goal (of getting all workouts and school done by 11am) on my horizon. I’m about 45 minutes “behind schedule” right now, and I should probably drink a protein shake between the workout I’m about to do and starting my yoga, but that’s okay-it’s raining and we aren’t going outside today anyway.

I’m thinking about rearranging my morning routine even more, but I’ll come back to that.

Happy Monday, Y’all!

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