One week into Health Goals Fall 2017…

First, Thursday is a weird day to be writing these updates, so after this I’ll be switching to Sunday or Monday. So, expect to hear more about this week then.

So, a week ago I wrote about how I was going to shift my focus until at least the end of October to taking care of my body rather than BURN ALL THE CALORIES LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT!!!!, which is where I’ve been for most of, if I’m honest, my entire adult life, but especially the past six years, minus the times I was pregnant. I had a few months in early/mid 2014 where I was focused on performance rather than weight loss, but I was so freaking healthy then, y’all, both mind and body. Especially compared to now. Perspective is funny-I’m ridiculously healthy now compared to anytime between 2005-early 2011, but because I was so fit and so mentally balanced during that one period, it feels I have so far to go. And regarding my mental health, I was in such a dark place just a few months ago, and God has brought me so far in so many ways, but it’s easy to focus on the things I want to see change, instead of the tremendous growth that’s happening.

So, let’s focus on the growth and change, and what’s working.

So, as we can see, I did pretty well! I was still dealing with a lot of physical exhaustion all the way through the weekend, so exercise wasn’t really a wise choice some days, but I was committed to following through on the plan as much as I was able.

Now, it’s only been 7 days since I mapped all this out, and 12 of of putting most of it into practice loosely, so obviously my life has not changed, but I’m building habits, and I do see improvement from that in a few areas.

Meditation: This does not come naturally to me. My mind is always racing a thousand miles per minute and I’m solving and planning and worrying and dreaming and hoping. Which is why this practice is something I need. I need to set aside time to not think, or at least to think with intention. Often I find myself not really wanting to do it, especially in the evening. I’m tired, and it’s work! When your mind is naturally active and full, it’s a lot of work to take time out to let all that go. It’s getting easier, though, to keep my mind from wandering into thought and to, when it does start to fill, to let those thoughts float away, like leaves on a stream. I only use that image with slight tongue-in-cheek, because it’s actually a pretty effective one for me. And you know what? I’m starting to see effects “off the cushion” too. When anxious or dangerous, or just unproductive thoughts start to come in, I’m more able to recognize them, catch them, maybe counter them, and send them on their way. Sometimes I have to do that over and over with the same thought, and that’s okay. It’s not fun, but it’s okay. So, as hard as it is to motivate myself to do, the practice of meditation is one I am staying committed to, and hopefully will be able to expand as time goes on.

Supplements: I don’t think I got into this much last week, and I’m not going to right now-I should probably write a whole post about my nutritional approach so y’all know what I’m referring to in the Food and supplements categories. Anywaaaaay, all my new supplements came in the mail yesterday! Today was my first time using all of them and so far I’m excited. Here’s why: nothing made me feel nauseous or jittery, and the things that have a taste taste Fantastic! Yay and PTL! Also a huge pat on the back for me with consistency at taking what I had the past week.

Food: I have stayed committed and consistent. This hasn’t been easy at times, because when you’re tired and hungry Pizza Hut sounds like a worthwhile plan, but I have had no gluten for 12 days and reduced my dairy and sugar intake tremendously! I even stood strong when

Scott did this last Saturday morning:

Me: I need to be GF and cut sugar.


I mean, seriously? Four of the six were my very favorite. I did not eat a crumb though. I asked him to make me an omelet.

Strength/Cardio: I have had to really adjust my expectations on myself here, especially for the next couple weeks as I ramp back up from exhaustion. I overdid it trying to just jump into things last Thursday like nothing had been wrong, and paid dearly. This week I’ve focused on doing what I can, and not on performance or intensity. Setting habits and rebuilding is the point.

Yoga: I love yoga. Every day I practice I realize how good it is for me all over again. I’m so excited to get to do more and more.

Morning and evening self care: I’m getting better at consistency, and need to remember to include all the elements, like not forgetting to brush my teeth or wash my face.

Overall I’m super happy with how things are going, and excited to see how things progress.

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