Duckling turns two.

Declan, D-Zilla, D, D Monster, Bub, Bubby, Bubster, my Baby Duck. I can’t believe you’re two-I kinda don’t want to. You’re not a baby anymore, and that is both heartbreakingly sad, and very exciting to me. You’re probably my last baby, biologically, anyway, and so, admitting you’re a full on toddler and boy, is the end of the sweetest season I’ve known, and one I waited for so long, it’s really hard to see it end so quickly. 
You’re still little, though, and you still need your “Mama Mama!” For quite a bit. I’ve definitely babied you more than Lexi in some ways, but that’s okay. You’re my sweet boy-made of sweetness, love, and serendipity. You surprise me every day. You’re a boy of few words but a great communicator even so. You fill my day with smiles and laughter and, if I pay attention, just…magic. You are magic. It’s in your sparkling eyes, your whispers, your arm around me like you’re gonna take care of me-a little man. You’re the most empathetic lil dude-if I am sitting quietly, or resting my head on my hand-if I seem even a bit unhappy-you notice immediately and come over to console me with a hug and a gentle “Heeeeyyyyy…” Oh, my Sweet One, never lose that tenderness. It’s beautiful and rare in a man.

You’re equally protective and kind to your sister if she is sad or hurt. Oh how you love “Sis!”  You squeal with joy if you hear her coming, you cover her in hugs and kisses, and you play like the best of friends. You’re starting to stand up to her too, which is fantastic. Lexi is a very strong personality, and though you are very laid back, lately, you know how to draw a line. Thankfully, even when she frustrates you, you’re very quick to forgive. You want to be where she is and do what she does as much as you can. 

You love to read. I think if I could sit in our chair and read you board books all day, you’d just be in heaven. You love Boynton books, little blue truck, and your Barney book the best. 
Lexi has been doing school almost all your life, and recently you’ve been itching to participate, so I’ve started giving you a coloring sheet and a little one in one focus while she does her writing each morning. It’s only been a few days so far, but I already treasure those moments and the excitement you have to color and learn. 

You also love to dance. Laurie Berkner, hand Clap, and uptown funk really get you moving! It’s adorable the way you ask us for music by pointing to the Amazon Echo. 

Declan, you are more than I ever dreamed, and I’m so thankful God gave me you, my sweet, tender hearted, playful child. Happy Birthday, Darling Duckling. 🐥 

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