31 Weeks!

That’s how far it is between this day and my goal date for my BIG goal. My big goal isn’t size or weight based. It’s not getting back to Pre-Baby body (I’m fitter and smaller than I ever was before Lexi, and almost where I was before Declan in size, though not weight.) It’s not to be skinny for my sister’s wedding-or to be “skinny” ever. 
So, my big goal has been, for a long time, Abs by my 35th Birthday. Which is thirty one weeks from today. I think it’s in reach. I’m likely not gonna have Jillian’s low body fat type abs, but  I can still have them visible. 
The HOW: 
-this holiday season I’m doing the Mommy Trainer 15 day challenge (adjusted to fit my workout schedule) and the Model Body 15 day challenge (again adjusting for my schedule). 
-I’ll also be adding a few supplements to help me get all I can out of these workouts. 
-I’ve mapped out a formula to keep my food on point. I don’t believe in depriving myself, but instead, I make “treat food” part of the plan. This includes allowing one “off road” meal or sometimes DAY a week. This keeps me from feeling deprived without negatively affecting results. 
-starting 1/2/17 I’ll be doing another round of BodyShred, and hopefully that will help me round out the portion of my journey focusing on fat loss. 
-after Bodyshred I’ll take a yoga recovery week, then do a few weeks of Master Trainer workouts, and hopefully…
-at that point I’ll be able to shift focus to yoga, and keep HIIT/weight training in the schedule twice a week, and keep up my cycle schedule. It’ll look like this:
 M/W/F : 45-60 min yoga, walk or light cardio 
T/Th: 45-60m HIIT workout, 60min cycle
Sa: 20 min cycle intervals
Hopefully that new schedule works to help me reach my goals of muscular arms and abs and maintain my fat loss. I’ll probably throw in a round of Bodyshred every few months to mix it up too. 

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