First Goal Day!!! Except…not.

So, my period came on Saturday! Yay! And also, Awwwww. ☹️ today was gonna be the day my size 8 jeans were gonna fit, and my measurements were gonna show the payoff, but now I’m all bloated and cranky and tired and I’m just not going to do all that today. In two weeks, I’ll do it (pretty much no chance of this happening then!) and hopefully not only will my size 8 jeans fit then, but also my size 8 skinnies! (I’ll admit the skinnies feel like a longshot, because they are a brutal pair of pants that are good at making me feel depressed, but that’s ok, cuz in 5 mos when it’s jeans weather again, God willing they will be in my rear view!) that’s the goal I’ve got my eye on now. 

My scale is coming today, and I will weigh myself to make sure I don’t weigh way less than I think (Hahahaha) but after that I’m going to be really committed to only weighing myself on Monday mornings, and to relying on my physical abilities, well bang, and jean size to be my measurements of success. The scale is just a measure to help me know how much to eat. 
Because of my period, I stayed in bed with D today (he’s gonna get his molars sometime in the next m…who knows, so he’s nursing constantly) and I haven’t started my workout-it’s almost 930. Ugh. 
I’m super nervous about doing workout 5, because when I went they this part almost a year ago it was the hardest level for me! But I’m so much stronger now, so I know I’ll surprise myself! 
I am probably gonna wait till next week to add in cycle, partly because we haven’t tuned up the bike, and mostly cuz just doing JMBR is gonna be a challenge during my period. 

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