Finding improvement where I’ve had it

So, I’m on my last rest day of this round of JMBR. I’m resting, drinking water, various teas, and good clean foods. I’m still feeling very frustrated because pants are not getting any looser yet, and I’m not looking likely at all to reach the milestone goal I had set for 12 days from now (size 8 skinnies). I’m trying to accept that, but I still feel like there has to be a key to this that I’m missing. 

I’m getting more sleep overall in the past few weeks than I have since before we met our boy, so if it’s sleep I need, that’s as resolved as its gonna be for awhile. Declan wakes up usually only once (around 4am) to nurse, and then I offer again when I get up at 6. I can’t eat any better than I am, and I can’t imagine I’m eating too little, because I’m being very intentional about getting 2000 calories (net) each day. 
Side note: when Lexi was 13/14 mos and I started back on my fitness journey, I lost weight at 1600 calories net to start. She was on solids, and therefore not needing as much milk, I assume. But 400 calories is almost a pound a week difference worth of calories. Is it possible 2000 is too many calories? I don’t always hit that 2000 on heavy workout days…I just don’t know what to do. If I knew what to do, (eat more, less, drink more water…) I know I’d have the discipline to do it. I hate to think the answer is that nothing is gonna happen till Declan is fully on solids…who knows when that’ll be? 
There’s been major improvement in some areas, unrelated to my size though. I need to celebrate that, while I just keep trucking and nursing. 
-I have met every one of my planned  goals for what I’d be doing for exercise postpartum. I made this plan when I was first pregnant with Declan. I started JMBR when D was 12 weeks old, and added Cycle 2 weeks later! 

-I have, in the last 8 weeks or so, gone from being able to do 2 military style push ups at a time to 25. Tomorrow I’ll be doing 3 sets of 25 on top of the 80 or so various push ups in my JMBR workout. 
-I’ve improved in cycle class. This is hard to quantify, because every class is different and every bike I’m on affects the ride. But I’ve definitely built up endurance and strength. 
-I have stuck through some hard times and missed no workouts except due to injury or surgery. That takes grit when you are getting nowhere on your external goals. 
-my mental toughness is incredible. I catch myself coaching myself to push through stuff the old me would just give out on. 
-I can do a 60 second plank like its nothin. Working toward a 5 min plank. 

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