Venting again

I’m So frustrated and discouraged. I’ve been at this consistently for 4 months (minus the week after my surgery and the week we were on vacation which was a planned recovery week) and I’m barely any smaller.  Yes, I’m far stronger, my muscles are more defined, etc, but is it so wrong to have wanted to lose a pant size or two? Blargh!

We are really working at eating clean and I’m being better about logging my food since we have been home. Hoping less grains (except brown rice and oats) will help me with inflammation. Also eating lots of veggies. 

I hate not having much control over this situation. I have to just work and be consistent and trust that *someday* there will be a payoff. I really hope it doesn’t take till Declan is a year old and fully on solids to start seeing results. I have some goals set for that time period, and if like to reach them! 

Recently some folks I considered to be  close friends, folks who have shown me support at other times when needed, and folks we have supported and encouraged, gave me some criticism that hurt deeply. They told me that my fitness goals, and their priority in my life were causing me to miss out on my children. They called me vain and self pitying. They said other things I don’t remember because I’m trying to forget. When peoe give me criticism, especially when they are people who supposedly care about me, I take it very seriously and chew it over to find any truth that might be there. This time, though, I’m finding none, and that makes it hurt more. I tried to explain the connection between my feelings about my weight and my PPD, how I’m trying to grasp control of this thing, so at least one thing in my life would be working. That didn’t matter-the last word was that I was feeling sorry for myself and I’m not really depressed. It’s left me feeling very lonely, defensive and self conscious, if ever I post on fb about my weight or depression, because, while I’m trying to be open so others feel less alone on their journeys, it leaves me vulnerable to judgement, even from folks who are supposed to be my friends. That’s really tough. 

The depression and anxiety have been a big struggle the past few days, and this weight frustration is only magnifying that. I don’t know what to do about it, except, get as much sleep as I can, push hard in my workouts and eat healthy yummy stuff. 

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