My first workout with my Apple Watch

For my birthday last Friday I was given an Apple Watch by Scott and Max. I was and still am blown away. It’s so fancy and cool and I love it! 

This morning was my first workout using it, and I have thoughts. 
The good: the heart rate monitor  was very accurate when I was standing and some of the time when I was on the ground. It always kept contact and never dropped to zero on me 
The bad: it did, however, become wildly inaccurate at certain times, like during push ups, mountain climbers, scissors, and took awhile to correct itself. I was fairly frustrated by this, but I’m hoping to figure out a way to prevent it or at least limit it. 
Overall I’m very happy with it as a fitness tracker, and am optimistic that I can work out the kinks. I really like the apps and the interface. It is a bit nerve wracking to get all sweaty wearing it! 

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