Frustrations and comparisons

So I shared yesterday that I’m frustrated with my external progress. I really really am. I’m trying to be patient and lety body figure things out, and tweak and experiment with my calorie intake, but it’s really tough to push and push and be tired and sore without the payoff. I’ve been here before and I got through it, and I will this time too, but right now I’m really struggling emotionally. This is compounded by the fact that we are going to Virginia Beach this weekend to see my family-which I’m really excited about-and that brings up my insecurities and struggles with comparison. My little sister, who has always been beautiful and thin, had a baby 8 weeks before me, and bounced back soooo fast-partly due to her super metabolism, partly due to being 24. We are totally different women and comparison isn’t fair, but I struggle mightily with it. I work sooooo hard and am so conscious of what I eat, while she sends me pictures of fries and frosties. None of this is her fault, but gosh it’s disheartening. I’m praying today for freedom from this insecure struggle and the ability to relax and enjoy the time with my family. Oh, and that I’ll have shrunk a little by Monday morning. 😉

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