Three weeks in…

I’ve been working out consistently for three weeks now, and I am having quite mixed feelings about how it’s going.

The good: I’m definitely getting stronger! I can do more reps with heavier weights on this second level workout than I could when I first did it a couple weeks ago. I also feel much more energetic afterwards than I did when I started.
Declan is also a great workout buddy! 

The bad: I have shorter range of motion than I’d like on squats, lunges, and reverse flys. Also my knees are sore. I feel  like my form is pretty good, but I’m going to pay more attention just in case. 
The ugly: I’m really struggling to be patient and manage my expectations when it comes to results. I have yet to get smaller, and sometimes some of my clothes even feel tighter. Rationally, I know this is because I always swell up when I first start working out or level up, but it’s hitting me hard. I embraced the pregnancy curves, but it’s suddenly breaking my heart not to be back in the body I worked so hard for before I got pregnant. Sigh. I don’t need to wake up a size 4 tomorrow, but progress in that direction would be nice! 
Once more through workout 2, then a rest day, then I level up on Thursday, and I finish this program the end of next week! 

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