Project Fit Mama-round 2!

I’m back on the fitness horse! I’m not in a groove yet, but I’m making it happen. Starting this week I’m working my way through Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred and going for at least a 2 mile walk every day that I can, wearing Declan and pushing Lexi. I’m hoping to get a better estimate of my calorie burn by getting my HRM up and running soon. Next month I start JMBR, which will carry me through till our vacation in late August. I’ll keep walking, and hopefully the second week in June I’ll get back on the spin bike twice a week. That’s the plan. 

I have goals: 6-8 lbs a month (maybe?) and one pants size on average(?) but I know I can’t get hung up on or drive too hard toward them while I’m nursing, especially as hard as nursing has been. I have to focus more on conditioning and getting to be as healthy as I can, and let my body change as it will. Ugh. That’s so hard for this results driven girl. I’m hoping to really enjoy improvement in my performance and celebrate getting stronger and having more energy, even if getting leaner takes a bit longer? 
I’m actually (after three times through the first level workout) already seeing performance improvement. I didn’t track what I was able to do the first time through on push ups and tricep dips, but yesterday I did twenty of each total. I’ll pay more attention, and see how I improve by the time I’m ready to level up after 3 more times through. 
These first two months with Declan have been beyond challenging, even though he’s the sweetest boy ever. Nursing has been such a struggle, and I’m still not sure what the answer is, but we will keep working on it and find the right rhythm for our family. I’m not exactly sure what that’ll look like, but I feel like taking care of myself is an important piece of the puzzle. More thoughts and results as they come, on both the fitness and mama adventure fronts. 
Here I am, 8 weeks pp, starting out 182lbs and a size 10. 

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