My Nephew Peter

So, on September 11, 1982, a baby boy was born who would grow to be the love of my life. How fitting that it was on the same date (32 years later) that another young man who would make my heart swell in ways that were new to even this emotional soul would make his entrance?

If you’ve followed our story this year you know that there has been a lot of emotion and sadness wrapped up in the word and month September for me, and particularly for the second week of the month, when the baby we lost would have been born. God works through our pain to bring beautiful things though. My Sister in Law Megan (yes, we have the same name. ;-)) shared what was my due date of Sept 9, and I just wasn’t sure how I’d  feel if the baby came that day. But he didn’t. He came 2 days later, right on time, to share a birthday with my favorite man on earth. 
We were leaving my doctor’s office after a great checkup, hearing baby’s heartbeat, and just feeling great, when Scott asked me (cautiously) if I was ready to go see the baby. Surprisingly to both of us, I was, and I was even excited! When we arrived at the door to their hospital room, I took a deep breath to prepare myself for whatever feels would come, but NEVER could I have been prepared for what I felt when Peter was placed in my arms. I fell in love. My heart swelled. I was healed. I cried, and could only blubber to Mike “he’s so beautiful.” Over and over. Any pain I expected never came. God set up a perfect morning to show me so much, about our baby and also just the magic of being an aunt to this sweet little man, who just by being him and looking just a teeny bit like his 2 year old cousin, healed something in me that I never expected. The pain of September is no more. I still feel sad for the loss, but I don’t feel pain or anger, for the first time in almost 9 months. God used a boy not 12 hours old to do that, and I am so thankful. 
As a bonus, Lexi got to love on him too, and hear him cry (yay practice!) and even repeatedly tried to take and hold him herself! 
Just a few pics: 

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