Prayer response to devotional email 6/20/14

This week of the bible study I’m doing is about how Satan seeks to deceive and undermine God’s love being real in our lives, and therefore our ability to live full lives. Yet again, completely relevant to exactly where I am. Today’s devotional blog/email talked about the areas in which satan primarily attacks.

Abba Father,
Thank you again so much for making yourself and my need for you my very waking thought. Thank you for this hunger for healing that can only come from you and the awareness that time spent in your word and in prayer are the best ways to get that healing. 
Please help me to recognize when satan is shooting lies into my mind and my heart. Please help me to immediately see these lies for what they are, and cast them off. Please keep my eyes on you. I know the point of his lies is to turn my eyes on myself but I ask that you will keep them on you, so that I can see and experience in reality your love for me and live a full and abundant life. I’m only scratching the surface of what that mean, but I want more. Please protect me from mistaking these lies for truth and welcoming them in. I feel like that is one of the biggest struggles I have, and the source of my fear and insecurity.  I am desperate to change this, Father. Please make me stronger in you.
Please also enable me to protect my time with you in your word each morning. I know satan will try to interfere, tell me I don’t have time, or that it’s boring, but I know that your word is my best weapon against his lies, and I need it. Please help me to absorb more of its truth by the day and use this sword against him when he comes to poison my thoughts. Please feed my hunger for you and keep me hungry for your word, show me it’s power and effectiveness daily, so that satan can never deceive me into thinking otherwise. 
Please strengthen my prayer life, and not let satan’s lies about my worthiness or attempts at distraction keep me from it. Please protect me from ever feeling silly about calling out to you. Thank you for the way you bestow peace on me through the ability to talk with you. Father, I want to listen more for you when I pray, but I don’t always know how, so I ask that you will guide me and prompt me. 
Thank you so much for this bible study, for the women who are writing it, and for the changes you are already making in my heart because of it. Please keep showing me how much I am loved.

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