The struggle is real

I’m continuing to be frustrated with my workout performance. It makes me both hopeful (that I’m pregnant) and annoyed (because if I’m not, this is not ok, and I didn’t go through this early in my pregnancy with Lexi…at least not that I can remember). I got through level 2 of Killer Abs today and did fairly well, modifying as needed, and taking an inordinate number of breaks. I’m trying to be patient with myself, and let myself hope a little that this is for a good reason. 

I’m also a bit cranky that I went to bed late last night so I’m a bit tired. And cranky that my belly feels so bloated (trying not to read into that) that I might feel gross in my new swimsuit if I wear it today to lay out. 
Today is day 28 of my cycle. Normally that would mean nothing, since my period has never come on that day, however, this month it’s a day that I could conceivably (hahahahaha no pun intended) take a pregnancy test. But, we’ve decided to wait. I thought maybe I’d take it Sunday, for Mother’s Day, but Scott wisely advised against that. So, the plan is to wait two more weeks, at which time we should be able to get a clear answer and either make a dr’s appt to see the baby on ultrasound, or start provera, depending on the answer. So, there’s where we are.  

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