Doctor visit and other thoughts

My doctor’s appointment this morning was fantastic! Dr Reutinger says if my period starts in the next 2 weeks I don’t need to take provera at all, and that we can just start at the dose of clomid Lexi was concieved with. Easy peasy. He was also impressed by my weight loss. 🙂 I’m optimistic and hopeful about conceiving soon! 

I have been wrestling with something this afternoon though, and it’s really troubling me. I still feel the need to have space from the person in my life who announced her pregnancy in January, not because I’m mad at her,(because God has freed me from that!) but because September Baby would have been due only a week after their baby and it’s just too painful a reminder. I also don’t want to cast a shadow on their happy time with my pain. I don’t like feeling this way, and I intend to crochet my fingers off for this kid, but I really need some space. Please pray that when/if this is communicated, it meets with understanding and not offense and hurt. I just really want to enjoy these next months as we TTC and hopefully enjoy the first months of a new pregnancy. 

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