Nervous excited delighted

Tomorrow begins my new workout program, and I’m giving myself a pep talk. Just do your best. You don’t have to rep out on everything. Start with the weights that work for you, you can work up to bigger ones. You can hit pause whenever you need to, and by the end of five weeks you’ll be hitting it less often. 

Which has led me to thinking about what my goals are for this month. I’d like to see that 150 on the scale for sure, but I don’t want that to be my big goal because at this point in my journey more than ever, that number is no reflection on my fitness or my progress. Here are things I’d really like to see though:
-I’d like to see a marked improvement in my performance on the strength workout between tomorrow and April 3. I want to have better stamina, more reps, and on some exercises, heavier weights.
-better definition in all my upper body muscles, especially biceps and triceps. I guess a lot of this means melting off even more fat as I build. 
-smooth out the tummy even more. This feels both important and silly, since I’m hoping for my tummy to start getting round again in a few months, but the more I can melt off the sooner I’ll see my bump, and the tighter I get the muscles, the faster I’ll recover after baby two comes. 🙂 
More thoughts as they come! 

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