Plateau, or just hormones/digestion

So, I’ve been expecting/dreading a plateau in my weight loss for awhile, because I’ve never had this kind of consistent weight loss in my life. This past week was the first week in the past 3 months that I’ve weighed in exactly the same, so I’m a bit bummed. I fear it’s upon me-the time when I have to a) become more patient with my body because I’m essentially at a healthy weight and these are vanity pounds, and b) decrease my defecit-or at the very least make sure I’m eating enough every single day.

I’ve been tracking my calorie intake (by now it’s second nature) but have probably not made sure I’ve been eating enough as well as I should…also this could be Premenstrual hormones, and the fact that my bowels aren’t moving as frequently…tmi maybe, but a factor all the same. I can’t let this derail my drive though. Gotta keep pushing and building-especially over the holidays. 

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