After much chewing things over…

I have really been thinking hard the past few weeks on what to do for round 2 of JMBR, in the sense of, what is my program going to look like? Am I going to go harder, double up? How do I get my burn when the weather is colder and walking is harder to do? I’m an overachiever so it’s hard to balance what I want to do with what the best plan is. After really thinking through where I am and what I’m hoping to accomplish, this is what I’ve decided on. 

I’m going to keep it as simple as possible, basically continuing with my current routine. I’ll do JMBR m/t/tr/f, cycle class t/tr, and walk as often as I can, weather permitting. The change I’ll have to make is to make sure I get some cardio on wed and Saturday, even if it’s too cold for a walk. I am hoping to walk unless it’s extreeeeemely cold. 
I’ve questioned to myself whether this is enough to get results, and I just have to trust that it is. One aspect to keep in mind is that (most likely) I’ll be coming to the end of the weight loss part of my journey, and beginning the focus on performance and toning part of my journey. At that point, the calorie defecit doesn’t need to be as great, and so, for the brief time the cold is an issue, I’m gonna be ok. 🙂 the hard part is gonna be staying content at this level and not starting to pile on. 
This plan also supports a desire for me to shift from fitness being something that consumes me (as it had to be when I was sorting out my routine) to just an aspect of my life. I feel comfortable with the time in putting in and am hoping to continue to progress without putting in tons of time. So, yeah. I feel good. 

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