Surreal and unbelievable…

So, all the size 10 jeans I bought 3 weeks ago are now loose on me. It’s both an exciting and disappointing thing, in that I am proud of my hard work, but I also JUST got them! After literally years stuck at an 18, I thought getting back into the size I wore in high school would be a longer stop along the way. And, I mean, if I shop anywhere but old navy (which I usually don’t) it probably will. But, I’m actually gonna be ready for those 8’s (or smaller) when the end of the month rolls around. That’s crazy. 

Another thing that’s crazy is that I *know* I’m smaller, but my belly still drives me up a wall. I just feel like those abs I want are never gonna happen-and realistically I’m not ready for them anyway, cuz I want more kids-but do I really have to keep this pooch? I don’t know how much is fat and how much is extra skin, but I want both gone, tightened, whatever. Trying to be fair to myself though, and celebrate a level of fitness that already surpasses that of any other point in my life! 

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