Serendipity and a fantastic trip

Our trip to Nebraska to visit my grandma was perfect. Lexi travelled like a champ, bonded beautifully with my brother as her travel buddy, and fussed only 20 minutes of the entire 44 hours round trip in the car. We had a perfect day at the zoo, got to help my grandma around the house, and be spoiled by her! 

My grandma is also an amazing cook, and I ate plenty at every meal.  Not overmuch, but not a restricted amount either. I worked out some, but obviously not to the level I do here at home. These things made me dread what the scale would say when we got home….
But in a beautiful example of serendipity, when I tried on the pair of jeans I kept as the marker of the smallest I’ve been since 05, they fit, and looser than they had when I actually wore them in December ’11. Then this morning I stepped on the scale, and whaddya know? I lost a pound on vacation. Woohoo!!!
This morning I get back to my routine, and I gotta say, I’m dragging. How can 2 days in the car leave me so wiped? I’ve gotta find the strength to charge through the 35 min with Jillian and then I can enjoy my day. Right now though, I just wanna go back to bed. 

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