New workouts, new goals

Yesterday I leveled up on my JMBR-2 weeks before I planned to. I just felt ready, and I’d been doing level 3 4x longer than it was designed to be done if you count the weeks I did it in June. It was time. From here out, I’m going to use the program as designed, 2 weeks at a time, with the exception of this current phase because of our trip. I’m going to give it an extra week when we get back. My trouble with only doing each workout 4 times has been that I like to master them, and since they are quite difficult, I just can’t do that in 4 tries. I’ve solved that in my mind finally by planning to, on 12/1, start my second round of JMBR. I’ll start at workout 3&4 and work my way up, finishing again on valentine’s day. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to do some of these push up variations that are messing with me now. 😉 

Since I reached my September/October goal, I need to set a new one. It’s hard for me to set a weight loss goal, because my fat/muscle swap is unpredictable and in short term, the scale has proven to be a pretty inaccurate measure of my success and fitness. For example-I’m down 42 lbs from my highest-which is awesome, but only 5 from my post partum weight, but I’m down 2-3 sizes from my post partum size. The next 5 lbs are not gonna give me 2-3 sizes!  So, instead of a concrete weight loss goal for the next 8 weeks, here is my goal: 
I want to fit the same jeans that I tried on in my last post in a size 8 by 12/1. 
One size, 2 months. I feel like that’s reasonable. And, that’s my goal size, so if I do it, it’s just refining and swapping fat for muscle from there! 
I do still want to see 150 on the scale, and maybe that will happen before I get pregnant again, maybe not. I feel like putting a date on that, for me, is just unfair, so I’ll keep tracking my weight, but let the inches be my measure. 

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