A good day.

I wanted to make a point of writing today, because most often you hear from me when I’m discouraged and frustrated, and not every day is like that.

Today is especially good because it marks what I hope is the beginning of progress. I stepped on the scale and I am officially DOWN 2.4 lbs! I haven’t been great about measuring so notes on losses there will have to be noted in the weeks to come. 
My energy level is improving finally, probably owing to a better sleep/food/workout balance. I’m gonna stick with this program exactly as is until our trip to Nebraska, and while we are there (minus cycle). When we get back, i’ll level up on JMBR and keep up the walking and cycle. 
I’m going to add in some gentle stretching yoga time in the evenings, hopefully to improve my recovery and lengthen my muscles. I really miss doing yoga but my usual practice and JMBR don’t really go together. If I’m patient, though I’ll get to do plenty of yoga when I’m pregnant. Doing better about leaving that whole thing in God’s hands. I have moments where I feel low on hope, where I feel heartbroken and afraid that I won’t get to carry and birth and care for another baby, but I am really seeking to banish those feelings!
I am so blessed, and so thankful, and though I strive toward new things I am noless thankful for all that I have! 

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