Updates, milestones, goals…

I’m about to get my Jillian and yoga in for the day so i’ll try to make this quick. 

Update 1: tomorrow finishes my third consecutive week of consistent exercise after the insanity that was July and the first half of August. The first week started slow -just walking-cuz I had my period, yadda yadda. Last week was walking, yoga, and cycle class twice. This week I’ve done cycle twice, taken walks, and in about two hours ill have done Jillian Michaels workouts 4 times and yoga twice. Next week is my final ramp up week where ill start doing yoga 4x a week instead and keep this schedule until I need to start my pregnancy schedule. (As soon as 4 weeks!) I’m hoping to keep doing cycle through my first trimester in addition to yoga and walking. 
Update 2:(now with milestones!) I really think I’m in the best shape of my life. Like, better than when I was first pregnant with Lexi. My strength and endurance in cycle class have skyrocketed since I started about 2 years ago (with a 13 month break in the middle.) In sept 2011 I was warming up at gear(resistance level) 5-6, my flat road was 8, my normal climb level was 11, and my heavy climb was 14. The past 2 weeks I’ve been warming up at a 7-8, flat road at 11, normal climb at 13, heavy climb at 17-18. Even more than that, there is a big difference in how I am able to follow the instructors’ cues. I used to be able to stay standing about 60% of the time I was asked to, and added a gear about 70% of the time. Last night I realized I followed every one of Bob’s cues to stand or sit and only didn’t add a gear twice. (So about 90% on that.) that on top of the huge increases in my ability to work with heavier gear. I’m feeling pretty accomplished there. 
I mentioned some of my goals in update 1, but here are my more broad ones: 
1. Consistency. Must do what is on the calendar every day from here on out. I got my workouts in in Monday even with a family gathering. No excuses.
2. I’d really like to be a size 10 (for the first time in 8 years) by 10/1. I don’t care what the scale says. This is likely my last size goal for awhile due to…
3. I’d really really really like to get pregnant in the next few months. And…
4. I need to, at the very least do yoga 5x a week through my entire pregnancy. I’m going to try to keep cycling through the first trimester(like I did with Lexi) and walk as often as possible. 
Prayers for the above goals (mostly 3-4) greatly appreciated. Xoxo

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