Perking up!

I started exercising again on Wednesday, (just Zumba and yoga so far) and I’m already pretty much addicted. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but exercise is a drug for me. I love the high I get from it, and I want more and more of it. I don’t mean to a point where I’m compulsive, but enough that I’m motivated to stick with it as long as I can maintain a consistent schedule. Taking a month off is no bueno. 

Today I did my first full 60+ minute Zumba class (in Xbox) and when I finished, I was drenched in sweat, wiped out, sore, but energized and strangely, hungry for more. I was flagging and struggling by the end, but I really can’t wait till Monday so I can work out. I’ll do some yoga stretching tomorrow, but I know from the past that if I overdo it i’ll burn out. I’m going back to cycle Tuesday/Thursday, so this week I’m only gonna Zumba MWFSa. Yoga and JMBR MTThF will round out this coming week. Any support as I get back on track is appreciated! 

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