Forgot to post this Tuesday:

This is me 4 weeks Pregnant (at my recent smallest), 39 weeks 3 days pregnant(the day before labor started), and this past Tuesday. I’m really trying to focus on the positives in this journey. My control freak nature sabotages me because I desperately desire at times-okay, often-to speed things up by eating less, but I know I can’t, for Lexi’s sake. I know she won’t be nursing forever, and I’m really trying to do right by her as I reclaim my own body. So, I’m celebrating where I am, and trying not to focus on where I “should” be in my own mind. I’m also trying not to make the mistake I did when she was born ANC assume all kinds of weight will fall off as soon as I’m done nursing(everyone said initially I’d lose weight *from* nursing, but my body is stubborn), because I can’t count on that. Just gotta keep plugging.

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