Day 30: 3/19/13

Sorry, last week got away from me! Not much to report anyway. I finished whole30 with no cheats, and no real temptation to, even though I sat or stood next to a table of cupcakes and other treats on Sunday, and sat at a table where everyone else ate mashed potatoes (even Scott), and everyone but Scott also had cake. Scott finished pretty well too. Those mashed potatoes were his only cheat. All I’m gonna say in the interest of documenting the journey is that I had no idea I could get so emotional about him eating mashed potatoes. Even now I’m almost in tears about it. And FWIW, I wasn’t even tempted myself. Not because I’m superior in any way, but because my body knows what it wants, and very few things are worth going against that! 🙂 I’m going to weigh myself in a minute, but since I have worked out HARD the past 2 days, my official post Whole30 weigh in will come on next Monday after a rest day. 🙂

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