Day 12: 3/1/13

Today I did my weekly cook up. Depending when you read this, there may be a picture of my disaster of a kitchen in the aftermath. Here’s what I did:
-10 mustard chicken thighs (2 meals)
-1 giant salad with tuna, tomatoes, avocado and sunflower seeds(Scott’s lunch)
-egg salad (my lunch)
-made 3 salt blends (rosemary, sage, lemon) with fresh dried herbs and sea salt
-chopped 2 heads of cauliflower for cauli rice
-shredded sweet potatoes for 2 batches of sweet potato pancakes
-chopped veggies for stir fry (2 meals)
-started 2 jars of raw sauerkraut (shredded cabbage, carrots, roasted jalapeño peppers-all now fermenting for 2 weeks)(this was the most time consuming-squeezing cabbage till water came out!)
-steamed broccoli
-made a cup of almond meal
-chopped sunchokes and parsnips for roasting
-shredded carrots and zucchini and used them in a frittata
-peeled, chopped, and roasted butternut squash

I think that’s all. 😉 I still need to make the breakfast cupcakes for the week.
I had a blast, even though my hands are cut and grated to burger meat.
Dinner was mustard chicken thighs and broccoli and was soooo good! Super easy too!
Update: instead of my mess (which I’m busy cleaning up!) I decided to post a pic of our paleo fridge! Yay veggies!

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