Day 11: 2/28/13

Today’s major event was grocery shopping. I love Whole Foods for meat, but am pretty sure I’m gonna start hitting Kroger and Trader Joe’s for produce and canned stuff before we head over there. Gotta keep costs reasonable. I’ll pay what’s needed for good food, but not everything needs to be organic, and the conventional stuff probs shouldn’t cost quite so much. I am, however excited about these meal plans and trying all the new recipes and veggies I never even heard of!

One thought on “Day 11: 2/28/13

  1. I don't know what your local markets are like down there, but if you can find someplace that sells local you are more likely to find non hormone infused and non filled with preservative foods for a much lower cost. I find that by hitting the local stores I can save a bunch on produce (when in season) and I end up opening myself up to new foods. I only buy local farm fresh eggs, they cost the same as the grocery store but are much tastier. I am always checking the local store for local meat, I even get a news letter, so when something new is in I know to go down there. There is one things I splurge on, and that's Emu meat, it cost more than beef, but it's worth it. I get about a pound of ground for 10 bucks.

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