My (our) first Whole30

Yesterday Scott and I started Whole30, a nutritional jumpstart that you can read about at, and can be summed up as a strict Paleo approach. It sounds extreme, and in some ways it is-no dairy, grains, legumes, added sugar? No peanut butter??? But as I’ve been gearing up and practicing recipes the past 2 weeks, I’ve found that really, it’s opens up a whole world of new food possibilities and creativity. I love cooking and creating in the kitchen, so this is right up my alley in that area. Scott also got me 3 paleo cookbooks for Valentine’s day, so I’ve got plenty to draw from. If this goes well, which I have a feeling it will from the experimenting I’ve done so far, I am going to stay Paleo, which means a few rules are relaxed, and I can get even more creative. One thing I love about Whole30 is that they make it clear that the aim isn’t to lose weight- it’s to be healthier and stronger by eating whole, nutrient dense food sources. Weight loss usually happens, but it’s not the focus. That’s something I can get behind. I just wanna feel good! So, feel free to ask questions as we go, and I’ll be excited to share!

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