back to work!

So, my pregnancy was possibly the easiest ever. Seriously. i had not one speedbump or complication. the labor was looooong- as you may have read- and it was about as complicated as it could be without there being any danger to either of us. all in all a great experience, and life changing.
Since giving birth i feel like all the strength i was unearthing in 2011 has come into full view for me and i see myself not as a repeat and constant failure, but as a conqueror who has the ability to face challenges and push through and be patient to achieve incredible results.
with that in mind, i’ve gotta get moving again. Gotta get the small amount of baby weight i gained off, and finish my journey to my maintenance weight/size and then set challenges for myself to keep getting stronger. kinda fun to think that at some point my fitness journey will cease to have a weight loss component and truly be about getting stronger and more flexible. one thing it has now that it never did before is an audience. not you, Dear Readers, but my daughter. she watches me so closely, and i need to model for her a healthy journey. not self loathing, not breaking myself down, but setting a goal and finding a healthy path to that goal. sometimes i’ll falter, and that’s ok. she will see me get back up and back on track. health is an everyday journey, not a one time trip. i’m hoping to get back to where i was last christmas by this christmas or at least close. ¬†Breastfeeding has been awesome, but made me constantly hungry. i’m doing well lately at filling my belly with the right stuff, but i don’t think i’m gonna actually lose weight until i get the body in motion. more on that plan is coming soon…

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