i didn’t know what to call this post, because it’s a big deal to me- and hopefully to those of you on this journey with me. It’s happened. something clicked in my body, and the weight is coming off. FINALLY.
Back in March, i lost 14 lbs from the cleanse i did, and in april managed to drop another 2 while Scott was in the Philippines, leaving me at 191.8 putting me 18 lbs down from my discouraging weight of 210 on christmas day. Then the week he got back, i started swimming and immediately gained 4 lbs. those 4 lbs hung on and on. until this monday. yesterday, i weighed in at 191.2. i laughed maniacally for a few minutes while i stirred berries into my oatmeal and headed out for the hardest swim of my week. ugh. gotta love mondays.
on a whim, i stepped on the scale again this morning and saw the number i have been praying for: 189.8!!!! i am OUT of the 190’s! now, i don’t know how much muscle i’ve gained and how much fat i’ve lost, but i’m incredibly excited that ALL the hard work i’ve put in the past months and particularly the past 6 weeks is starting to pay off. based on how things fit today, i’m estimating that i will be able to wear my size 12 jeans comfortably before my birthday. i’d love to shoot for being able to wear 10’s by then, but it doesn’t look too likely, even now. and that’s ok. one day at a time. i said last week or sometime recently that that scale isn’t a reliable measure, and i stick by that- unfortunately i did not measure myself at all the measurable points yesterday morning, but i hit the big ones. 😀

i’ll present the numbers like this: Starting/current (lost)

Weight: 210/189.8 (20.2)
Waist: 36/32.5 (3.5)
hip: 46/43 (3)
thigh: 26/24 (2)
arm (at bicep):13/11.5 (1.5)

so… that’s a start.
i’ve another 4-5 inches to lose of my waist and hips each, and 6 more off my thighs, so while it’s a good start, it is jsut that. i’m really excited at my progress though, and can’t wait to see it increase!

4 thoughts on “*Click*

  1. Congratulations, Mae. Stay the course. With my deadlines behind me, I'm running again; and I'm determined before the end of the summer to get out of the 170s.

    As you are showing, it's about persistence.

  2. Congrats! I really am full of envy. I hate getting stuck at plateaus and I've been at one for a while, though heaven knows I probably should be harder on myself calorie wise. On the bright side I'm not gaining.

  3. well, allie- i was at a plateau for 3 solid months- all while being very careful what i ate anjd working out 6 days a week 1-2 hours a day. it'll click for you- just don't give up! i've still got a long way to go to reach my goals!

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