Happy Monday!

Hey y’all! i enjoyed my day off from exercise immensely, and am so proud of myself for getting up early and getting right back in that pool! my swim today was almost as good as saturday’s! i only get to work out three days this week instead of six, because scott and i are going to VB for my sister’s Graduation and a much needed vacation. i am going to try to at least get a solid hour of walking in each day as we do stuff, but no swimming or Jillian Th-Sat. that makes me a bit nervous, but i think what counts is making sure i continue to eat well and that i get right back to it next monday.

i also weighed in today. (cue ominous music!) and i’m down 2.5 lbs from where i was when i last weighed in-which is still UP 2 lbs from my lowest in late april. i have no idea what is up with that. i do know i’m getting stronger by far though and that i am starting to get smaller. These facts have reminded me that when i’ve successfully lost weight in the past, the measurement hasn’t been based on the scale but on a measuring tape. inches are a much better measure of my progress than pounds lost. i’m still going to weigh in as soon as i get up on monday mornings, but i’m also going to measure, because i think that will give me a more realistic idea of how i’m doing. i’m really excited to see the differences that come from these lifestyle changes we are making due to friday’s reading, and i know there are many good things ahead. if i can navigate the second half of this week without splurging too much, i’ll feel really good weighing/measuring monday.

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