it should just be a mattter of math. but it SO isn’t.

the above is me pretty much every day. it should be a matter of calories in vs calories out. but it isn’t. if it were, i’d be down at least 13.88 lbs in the past 5 weeks since i started swimming. as far as i know (i’m not weighing in until monday morning) i’m not down any weight at all- last i weighed in i was UP 4 lbs. that’s not right! i know muscle weighs more than fat, i know i’m building a lot of that right now, and i know that will help me lose weight faster long term- but holy crap, y’all- this is frustrating! i got an email yesterday with a sample day from a Biggest Loser contestant’s (the most recent at home winner) food journal. it was almost exactly the same number of calories i took in on tuesday that i outlined here yesterday. it’s frustrating, but the good news is i know i’m doing the right thing, and i’m gonna keep on doing it. i have a secret hope that when i weigh in on Monday i’ll have a surprise waiting for me. i also think my recovery half week next week will see me dropping a few pounds as my body gets a chance to heal from all i;ve been putting it through.

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