update time!

ok, so i swam 5x and did my strength program 2x last week. not too shabby. i missed swimming saturday because our apartment was flooded with wastewater. ICKY!!!!! i wasn’t able to strength train monday either because of that, but as of now (Wed at 8:15 AM) i have gotten my swim in all three mornings and done my strength program once. i’ll be doing strength again today at 9. i’m hoping to finish out this week’s workouts (3 more swims and 2 more days of strength) solidly and have a good rest on sunday. it;s super important that i work out solidly and consistently next mon-wed because thurs-sat we are gonna be on a mini vacation! i’m wrestling with myself over missing those 3 workouts, but i think we need the vacation, so it;s just a matter of kickin it back into gear on the following Monday. one day at a time, right?

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