Fitness Gear

I Talk a lot about my gear when i write about my workouts but i never really explain what i have or its particular purpose. so here’s a rundown of the equipment i use in my workouts.

first: The electronics:

  • In the top of this picture you see the best piece of exercise gear i have ever purchased- it is the amphibix armband-which comes in sizes to fit any MP3 player- and surge headphones this makes it possible to listen to music while i swim!!!!. i’m a huge fan! having this makes my swims go so much faster and judging from sunday- more productively! HUGELY reccomended!
  • Next is my heart rate monitor. this one is an older reebok model that they likely have replaced with something better, but in a cardio or circuit workout it’s indespensable for tracking calories burned and being sure your heart rate is in the correct zone.
  • on the bottom left is the Nike+ipod gear i got when i got my Nano back on 06. it’s very cool. the armband is made to fit the nano when you are using the sensor and reciever with it- most armbands won’t accomodate the sensor. the sensor and reciever kit is great for use with your ipod nano and any Nike+ sneakers- these sneakers (mine are the pink ones featured in a previous post about shoes) have a place in them for the sensor to fit. i’ve not been using this stuff much lately because Nike+ has come with an app for the iphone that tracks tyour run the same way but uses GPS and the accelerometer.
  • on the bottom right are my ifrogz earbuds. i love anything made by this company. period.

Next, we have my vast and lovely collection of resistance training gear.

  • Beachbody B-lines resistance bands- love these. the handles are interchangable and each band provides a different level of resistance.Versatile and fantastic for travel and strength training on the go.
  • dumbells. i have them in 3,5,8, and 10 lbs. i prefer the neoprene coated ones as they are not cold when you pick them up and don’t get rusty!
  • small medicine balls. i think these are 5 and 10 lbs. i haven’t used them recently but they are awesome for adding some variety to your workout! passing them back and forth in a number of ways with a partner can be a really fun way to tone up!
  • beachbody hand weights-at one pound each, these can add some resistance to any cardio workout! LOVE!

Yoga/Pilates gear

  • Mat- totally neccesary for any workout of this type.
  • strap and blocks- helps provide form and stability for harder moves

Last but not least- recovery gear! i tend to injure myself and i have past injuries that flare up- for this reason i have ankle braces, a knee brace (not pictured) and this micowavable back hot pad.
So, there’s my gear. next week- ill give you a rundown of the DVD programs i own and love and the ones i’ve been unimpressed by. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fitness Gear

  1. Wow, that's a lot of equipment! That's part of the reason I stick to walking – I don't need any extras. I can tell that you are serious about fitness, though.

  2. i get bored easily. and i've also tried a lot of things. walking is pretty much the worst option for me because of my ankles… swimming and pilates are my favs.

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