new drive and new frustrations

ok, so i’ve found a fire lit under my bum and i’m thrilled with it. i’m getting up at 6 and going for a brisk walk for 60 min, then strength training, then 45 min of cardio (Building to 90 over the next 2 months) on the elliptical in the evening. its intense for me at the level i am at now but i’m not a sit around and wait kinda gal. except today i might have to be. my knee is acting up big time. it’s understandable because it’s also getting more use than it has in years and i tweaked it a little at the gym tuesday night. yesterday morning it didnt bother me during my walk and when i got home and it did start to hurt i just iced it and took some ibuprofen and it got better. this morning when i woke up it hurt. BAD. i figured it just needed a warm up and set off on my walk. from the start i knew this want gonna be good. i was walking really unsteadily. after about 5 min i turned around and started back home. at this moment i’m thinkin that it;s been a pretty intense first four days and maybe i should take it easy today Like, take the day off.. i don;t like it and it;s not what they might do on The Biggest Loser, but i don;t have Bob, Jillian, or trained medics here. so, i have to look past today and know that a day for my knee to heal might be what i need in the long run. i’m truly exhausted- and i’m not sure if it;s because i havent had the walk to wake me or what, but i;m gonna take today to rest, stretch, and let my knee recover because tomorrow is- as you may’ve heard from The Biggest Loser- my LAST CHANCE WORKOUT! no- really. i’m tearing it up tomorrow.

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