this is gonna teach me tenacity

my body does not want to get into a routine. this time more than ever my body is telling me that it doesnt wanna work hard and get back in shape. well guess what? not optional. my life is its own season of The Biggest Loser until i reach my goals. other than my faith and my husband nothing matters more. i got up this morning on time and started my workout reasonably soon after. i didnt get very far. this is because i’m out of shape and because i didnt eat before i started. if i am gonna do anything more than a 15 min walk i need to do it after i eat. otherwise my body will quit quickly. i also tried on my “goal dress” for my 5/28 goal. it;s a size 8/10 and red satin and i’ll get a pic of me in it now up soon so we can see the difference between now and 6 weeks and 2 days from now. in 35 min i will finish the workout i started this morning. then later i’ll hit the gym hard again for another 45 min on the Elliptical and 15 on the treadmill. i’ve decided to just do 15m a day on solid ground of some sort until i get the new sensor. i’ll either be restarting the walk to run program on fri or sat- not sure which yet. that;s all for now… more when i’ve finished my strength training.

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