did some thinking…

i’m the kinda gal that does everything wholeheartedly. i jump in with both feet. it;s who i am, and almost always i am proud of this trait. when it comes to fitness though, it gets a little frustrating and stuff. see i want to start strength trainin an hour a day, running ten miles a day, etc. that’;s just not how it works tho. hafta start moderatelyand work up. it takes a few weeks to have visible results, yadda yadda. thats all well and good, but i thrive on results. so, in order to not burn out or get frustrated, i’m really trying to focus on doing what i can each day- and doing it well- pushing- but not too hard, so i can create this consistency and routine and results i can realistically project and look forward to.
like i said before- i’m going to live the Biggest Loser lifestyle. Work out as hard as my body lets me- probably in bursts 3x a day or so- and track my calories so i can see mathematically what;s going on in my body. i’m trying to remember all the things i;ve learned about my body over the past 7 years of ups and downs in my weight and apply them. (i know this post is very Stream of Consciousness, and i’m sorry about that…) the fact is i’ve successfully lost most of my weight twice before and in rather quick turnaround, but i;ve neither kept it off nor managed to finish getting to where i want to be. this time, i’m going to accomplish both. i;ve got friends encouraging me and a husband taking the journey with me, and the ultimate goal at the end is sustained strength and health. i may have to to work harder than most to maintain, but i’m gonna do it because this rollercoaster is making me sick. thoughts?

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