Momming with Mental Illness: Tantrums

(not actually a tantrum, but clearly a ridiculous situation) I think most, of not all mamas deal with tantrums at some point. Kids have big feelings, and some, like my Ladybug, have ENORMOUS feelings, and it's hard for them to regulate, and for us to help them, right? It's overwhelming even under "normal" circumstances. When [...]

LadyBug Girl is Four!

My Four year old. You are light and love and my dreams and my heart, and I love you more than I ever knew possible. You also drive me crazy, but that's life with a daughter, I'm told. You're so very imaginative. We almost literally can't keep up with who you "are" from day to day, [...]

Ladybug Girl, Age Two.

How is it you're already turning two years old? It was mere moments ago I felt you wiggling inside me, wasn't it? Seems like I just saw your sweet face the first time, seconds after you met the world, before the cord that connected us was even cut. How is it that our first nursing [...]