Baby Duck is FOUR!

Oh Ducky Duddles, Bubber, Bub, Babyman, D, D-Zilla, Sillibub, Maui, Catboy, Gekko, George, King Bub, Bear Bub, Monkey, or whichever character you are today…

I cannot believe you are four. Partly because you have plenty of sweet baby boy left in you, partly because time has flown so quickly, but it just seems impossible, like it was only yesterday I was drinking in your sweet face and fluffy ducky down hair.

I love everything about you, from your silly playfulness, always making the most subtle jokes with a twinkle in your eye, to the way you put your arms up to be carried and ask me to rock you before your nap every day. I love the confidence you show me in areas that I least expect it -you set your own beat and drum it so beautifully. I love watching you learn and master new things and the way you are so proud when you surprise me with what you can do. I love that you already know you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

I love how emotionally intelligent you are. You are always the first to tell others not to fight if you think there’s a conflict, of someone is sad, you notice right away and rush over with a hug. You have so much empathy and tenderness and I hope that only grows!

I love that as soon as you wake up you go looking for Sis, and that the two of you play in all sorts of imaginary worlds so beautifully together. I love that you two cheer for each other and are each other’s biggest fan.

I love your smile, so sweet and full of joy with your sparkling blue eyes, and I love your pout-nobody can stick their lip out further than you.

I love how even though you hate having your hair cut-clippers are a bit noisy and new still- you love having your hair all spiky and ask me often for your “cool hairdo.”

I love how you laugh and dance and emote along with your favorite shows and movies. I love every one of your dance moves and the faces that go with them.

I love that I never know which character you’ll be on a given day and that no matter how many times that day I call you by your name, you’ll always patiently correct me with a chuckle, “Haha, no, I’m Maui” (or whoever, see list above.

I love that you are sweet and soft spoken but always watching and listening and learning. I love you bunches and bunches, just the way you are.

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