Wellness Update 1/18/19

So, after reading my whole manifesto, here’s my first actual update of the new year. I’ll be totally honest, I’m a little discouraged right now and having a little body image grumble grumble. Isn’t it funny how even though we grow and mature and heal in an area, the old mindset or insecurity tries to creep in? In my case it’s a combination of “UGH MY BELLY IS SO FAT” and “I’m exercising, why isn’t it WORKING??!?!?!” So, obviously I need to step back and get a little perspective.

Me to me: I know you feel like your body is so far from its best right now, and it’s true that you’re at least a bit swollen and bloaty. But you know why. you have been working out again the past few weeks, after a long period of rest, and your muscles and tissues are holding water to help themselves heal and recover. You know this is temporary as long as you are intentional about not overtraining, and you are intentional about eating foods that fuel and heal.

And I’m right. Now is not the time to be trying on jeans or new workout clothes that have not been “broken in”. Now is the time to continue to be consistent with exercise, not ramping up, just staying faithful and sticking with the plan. It’s also time to make purposeful decisions about my food and rest to help my body recover and be fueled well.

I’m also going to work some (mostly) food based supplements in, to make sure I am caring for my adrenals and other hormone issues. Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Omegas: I’m taking an Omega 3 supplement and trying to eat more sardines and salmon (goal is 2 or more servings a week).
  • Turmeric: I’m taking a supplement and adding it to my bone broth daily. I’m also going to try a tea that has turmeric and…
  • Ginger: in teas, and in any food I can sneak it into. I LOVE ginger and crave its benefits for the body.
  • Ashwagandha: this is supposed to be a really great adaptogen and help manage all the stress hormones, and hopefully help with my anxiety, so I am putting it in my tea.
  • Maca: trying to get a serving of this every day for hormone balancing benefits too. I’m mixing it into my yogurt or something else I eat.
  • Bone broth: so many nutritional benefits, plus I’m adding grass fed butter, turmeric, collagen, and pink salt.
  • I’m also taking an herbal blend and greens powder drink when I wake in the morning.

None of this is specifically aimed at weight loss, but at helping my body function optimally and supporting all my systems, especially as i ease into finding the best exercise level for me. I am hoping that the “magic pill” to help me get my body to it’s best (not skinniest) is just caring for it and loving it. I’m hoping that everything I do to minimize the physical toll on my body also helps support and relieve some of the mental stress as well.

A big part of this is preparation. I need to plan my meals ahead and prep what can be prepped on Sunday so that I have an easier time making sure my body is supported. Here’s this week’s meal plan:

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