Quick fitness update 7/29/17

I haven't written much about exercise lately, and I know y'all are missing the play by play. (Sarcasm) seriously, though, a lot has been happening in this area. No, we have not achieved #ropesngunsnabs, yet-but many changes, nonetheless.

  • I'm getting my mojo back! No, not in that way-well, yes in that way, but that's not what I'm talking about- stay focused! For the first time in a very long time, I am enjoying my workouts, and feeling accomplished at the end of them, rather than just relieved the humiliation is over. That's a big change, because I've felt nothing but defeated for a long time.
  • My performance is really improving! I can get through a whole five minute HIIT circuit with no break and perform many reps with good form on every move, even the ones that are new and challenging.
  • I find myself wanting more, even when I'm exhausted. For a long time, I just wanted to get it over with and checked off my list each day. There is still some of that, but there are also moments where, like today, I have already done a HIIT workout and a spin class and I still think "it would be so fun to go for a jog in this rain…" (I don't even jog, y'all!)
  • I have no idea about weight or inches. It hasn't even crossed my mind to try on clothes or drag out the scale in the past few weeks. Go figure. I'm sure it will soon.

So what am I doing for fitness right now? Lots. I'm pushing hard to increase my activity and my endurance leading up to vacation, and during vacation there will be long walks on the beach, yoga, and figuring out what comes next. For now I am doing 2 workouts from the Jillian Michaels app 4x a week and cycling with the Peloton app 3x a week, with a walk in the evening on non cycle days as able.

As much as I am learning to enjoy the journey and the process, I cannot wait to see and share the mental, physical, and aesthetic improvements I experience!

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