Inspiration from Siri

So maybe you’ve seen the suggestion to “ask Siri to beatbox”. Maybe you’ve tried it. If you haven’t, go ahead, I’ll wait. 

(If you aren’t an Apple user, she says “here’s what I’ve been working on: catsandbootsandcatsandbootsandcatsandboots. I could do this all day. Catsandbootsandcatsandbootsandcats..”) 
This morning I was texting Scott my feelings about my body, about wanting to be and look less chubby and more strong,and how I wanted my guns back. And my abs. Then I heard the chant in my head: 

Funny, silly, and strangely motivating. Obviously I can’t spot reduce, and I’m working up to three cycle classes a week by next month to get more cardio, especially while it’s too cold to walk outside regularly, but those are my external goals, the Guns will emerge first, but eventually I will see my abs, and hopefully sooner than later. 
I might even make a few signs to keep me motivated. 
I do have some more concrete goals for progress. I’d like to be wearing:
Size 8 jeans by 2/15 (4.5 weeks) 
Size 8 skinny jeans by 3/1 (7 weeks) 
Size 6 jeans by 4/1 (11.5 weeks)
Size 4 crops/shorts by my birthday (24.5 weeks) 
Update: I’m loving PiYo. It’s kicking my butt, and I really struggle with keeping up, but I do think I’m already improving. I can see myself returning to it for years to come, as a break for my joints for a couple months, as a way to switch up and keep my body guessing, I love it. I really hope to see some results soon, now that the holiday food is gone. 
Also- I’m transitioning to drinking my coffee bulletproof-blending it with vanilla, stevia, coconut oil, and soon ghee, to give my body some healthy fats to fuel and start the day with! So far I love it, and I have more energy. I’ll keep updating with other changes! 

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