Pregnancy Fitness

So, I’ve been holding off on this post to kinda sort things out with my energy level and my mind, which is honestly my biggest problem in pregnancy-I have it really easy physically, no symptoms to speak of, except more napping, and absolutely no morning sickness. But mentally/emotionally, it’s a battle. The losses we’ve suffered combine with my battle against the lies I’ve shared that haunt my mind into a crapstorm some days. So far it hasn’t been as bad as with Lexi, and I’m hoping it’ll stay that way, with a combination of prayer, staying in God’s word, and reminding myself of what’s true. 

So, fitness. Early in my pregnancy (before I knew) I had modified my cycle performance to try to keep my heart rate lower, and planned to stick with that and the Jillian Michaels workouts I was doing through my first trimester. Well, the same week I found out I was pregnant (probably not coincidentally) my sleep schedule got all messed up and I just wasn’t getting up early enough to work out. Also, when I went to cycle class, I experienced cramping through and for about two hours after class. Now, I knew that most likely this wasn’t a problem, as exercise causes uterine contractions even when we aren’t pregnant, we just don’t feel them. However, with my anxiety issues, I knew I should back off, for my own sanity. Boy was that frustrating. So, since then, I’ve been waking for the hour I would be in cycle class, and averaging about 3.5-4 miles in that hour. 
Yesterday I tried out a new prenatal yoga DVD, and loved it. I’m sore today, which feels amazing, and I feel like I’ve built a great prenatal fitness library that shod keep me strong and not bored the next 6.5 months or so. 🙂
My plan for the next few weeks is to practice yoga 4 days a week, walk at the gym twice a week, and be as generally active with the family as weather and energy will allow.
Starting late August or early September, I’ll work my Andrea Orbeck Pregnancy Sculpt workout into the rotation twice a week and start varying the yoga between the different DVDs I have. I have calendars mapped out for the rest of my pregnancy. Because I’m a planner like that.  I feel like this will keep me strong and prepared for birth and as smooth a bounce back as possible. 
I’ll try to blog regularly about how all this is going, physically, mentally, emotionally, and probably share pictures. I definitely want more of a record of this pregnancy experience than I created last time. I can’t believe it’s almost 1/4 of the way over! 

Here’s my little bump: (it’s really hard to photograph so please excuse my face! 

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