You will always be…

Beautiful, sweet, funny, smart, imaginative, sensitive, tenderhearted Lexi,

Right now there is a lot of thought, question, concern and confusion about when you will have a sibling, and while that does take up space in my mind and my heart, not for a moment does it erase,  replace, or detract from who and what you are to me. No number of siblings could do that. 
You are and will always be:
-the one I waited my whole life for.
-the first child I felt moving within me
-the girl who, despite a long wait and much chaos in the anticipation, was born peaceful, curious, and without the need to cry.
-the fulfillment of a lifetime of prayers and dreams, some I never dared to hope for.
You are all the best of your Daddy and I:
-you are loving and cuddly, free with your affection, and I pray you never lose that beautiful uninhibited way of showing love.
-you are curious, observant, and hungry for new experiences, and brave in new undertakings.
-you have an incredible sense of humor and love to bring laughter to a room-especially when you sense someone is unhappy. 
-you are smart and imaginative, and I know this will blossom into many areas of creativity along with the music you love already. It warms my heart to hear you sing and play instruments and to watch you dance.
You are my first baby, and though I will strive to never play favorites,( but to convince you each that you are my favorite), Lexi Bella, you will always be the first life changing reminder of God’s faithfulness, that He hadn’t forgotten me, that He loves me, that He has only the best for those who put their faith in Him. I struggle to rest in Him, but I am always seeking to, and in many ways I feel you, with your easygoing nature, your loving spirit, your seeming perfection in all the areas that new mamas complain about, are my reward for working through my issues to be closer to Him. Every child is a miracle, but God has used you to do many miracles in me. I don’t know when you’ll have siblings or who they will be. I know I will love them and revel in who they are, but not an ounce of wonder will be taken from all God does in my heart through you, has been for over two years, and will keep doing the rest of my life. I am glad and blessed beyond words to be your Mama. 

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