I still don’t know what’s wrong.

I know I’m getting stronger, and my athletic performance is improving-I’ve covered that before. This week I’ve pushed through new barriers and worked out harder than I have maybe ever-2 years ago I was putting in more time (17h a week vs 8-9) but with less intensity(6.5) of those 9h are spent at 60-85+ of my mhr, vs 3), so I am working both smarter and harder I think. 

However, I’m not losing weight or inches. seriously. I’ve been and still am trying to be patient, because it takes my body a couple weeks usually to catch up when I start working out consistently, but it’s been 5 solid weeks of working out 3-5x a week-HARD-and if possible, I feel like I’m getting bigger. So frustrating. Like I said, still trying to be patient, but I’m getting pretty discouraged. I’ve got 17 days left till my mini goal and I’ve been doing everything I can to get there but I’m starting to lose hope. Not giving up, but really need to get some payoff from this soon. 
A few things I hope help:
-I may have been overtraining, so I’m dropping the yoga from 4x to twice a week for awhile. I love love love my yoga, but it may have been overtaxing me a bit on top of the interval training and cycle. I am going to try to take a nice walk with Lexi as often as I can though-burning extra calories but without the added soreness.
-I’m making strides in getting my sleep on track. Trying to get to bed at 10 each night and up by 7. Today I got up at 543! Since then I’ve nursed Lexi, had breakfast, spent an hour knitting, done my HIIT workout, nursed Lexi again, and fed her a freshly cooked breakfast. All by 930! A few weeks ago I’d still be in bed right now! 
 -I’m trying to eat a little more. I’m still nursing Lexi, and I’m clearly not one of those mamas who lose weight from nursing: 😛 however, my body is still doing the work, and it may be in famine mode with all the exercise I’m doing. So…I’m not sure how much more, but I’m trying to eat enough to reassure my systems that all is well. Blargh. Skeptical. 
Anyway, that’s where I am. Performance improving by leaps and bounds, measurable fat loss? Nooooope. Really hoping this turns around soon. 

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