Loving my Body:Step 3

I need to stop beating myself up mentally. If I miss a workout, or sleep in late, or eat a non-paleo dessert, I am not a failure. Today I intentionally slept in. I have worked out so hard this week (and I’m not done yet!) but my body clock hasn’t quite shifted, so I haven’t been falling asleep until close to midnight, and this can be a real problem when I’m getting up at 7AM. Because I woke up at 630 feeling so run down, I decided that today I needed to sleep in. And, y’know what? That’s OK! It doesn’t make me weak or lazy or undisciplined, it means I’m taking care of all aspects of my health, and not running my body into the ground! I’m still going to do my interval training today, go to the pool with Lexi, maybe take a walk this evening and do some Yoga. I’m just doing it on a little more sleep. 

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