My pre-Lexi jeans fit! The jeans I wore to the doctor’s office for that first ultrasound. Heck, I think I wore them the day she was conceived! 😉 I’m a little mooshier around the middle than I was then, but unless something catastrophic happens, it means come fall (when I actually want to wear denim) ill be buying at “worst” the same size jeans I was wearing at 16 when I met Scott, but fairly likely, smaller ones. I’ll be happy either way, as long as I am continuing to get stronger and fitter. It’s always a tough gap between the 12 and the 19 for me, and I’m hoping this is the last time I have to bridge it. Even after another baby-next time I’m going to a) stay active during the pregnancy so I can bounce back faster after energy wise,  b) not eat 3 pbj’s a day for months and gain 15 breastfeeding pounds! 😛 and c) get back to the gym as soon as I’m allowed rather than waiting 8 months. You heard me-this is the last time I bridge this gap if I can help it! 

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